Family Support

Support Service for Families

The Epicentre is a not-for-profit, charitable organisation and leaders in building communities and addressing social issues.

Family Support Services

From Bill relief, parenting courses and food aid, San  Remo Neighbourhood Centre can help you.

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Aboriginal Lunchbox Connection

Our Aboriginal Lunchbox Cooking workshops are designed to have families share their healthy lunchbox recipes that could be put together in a shared cookbook This is an opportunity to discuss and demonstrate food preparation steps, we were able to highlight key nutritional points while enjoying each other’s company and giving the families the opportunity to engage in a social setting with other families in the community.

Food and Material Aid

Food Glorious Food. Each week we receive donations from OZ Harvest and Second Bite. These donations are a part of our Emergency Relief program and are shared free for anyone in our community that needs food.

Lunchbox Connections

The Healthy Lunchbox program supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families to provide healthy alternatives in children’s lunchboxes. We provide children with a lunchbox and drink bottle in partnership with CCLHD Health promotion services.

Parenting Courses

We run a variety of Parenting Programs such as ‘Bringing Up Great Kids’ and ‘Who’s in Charge’ which differ from term to term. Programs assist parents and carer’s to have a better understanding on children’s brain development and how to better respond to their children’s behaviour. Call the centre or see newsletter for latest programs.

Utility Relief

We provide assistance for utility accounts through our EAPA (Electricity and Gas) program.
By appointment only.
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