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Who We Are

The Epicentre is a focal point for community activity, a community hub which provides an extensive range of services, training, programs, activities and supports.

About Us:

The Epicentre is tackling societal issues head on. Entrenched disadvantage such as long-term unemployment, issues facing young people, mental health, emergency food relief, financial and personal counselling, graffiti harm and poverty have been the focus of our work. The key to our success has been treating everyone with respect. We have responded to natural disasters including the 2007 June storms and recent local bushfires by providing food, shelter and emotional supports. We have supported the most vulnerable people and connected communities and engaged people with the broader community and services through a diverse range of initiatives. We continue to build on the assets and strengths of the community by providing the infrastructure, programs and projects to support people’s mental, physical and social health and well-being.

We use the asset based community development model in all we do and in practice which means we recognise that all people have skills, talents and ideas to contribute. We support volunteers in their own talents and strengths and provide the opportunity and support to learn new skills. All staff are tertiary qualified and are a great resource for the many people we have supported as students, through work experience and volunteering to enable employment. We have also supported many groups to become independent and gain their own incorporation including the San Remo Community Garden and San Remo Men’s Shed.

Each week the Epicentre and its projects benefit from the help of over thirty-five dedicated volunteers. Another thirty volunteers work on community projects that our organisation has initiated. Over two hundred community members have volunteered their time and services over the past six years. The Epicentre thrives, not only because of these people and their commitment to the initiatives and programs of our organisation, but also because of the strong relationships formed with other community groups and organisations. To read more about the partnerships our organisation has formed with other community groups click here or to get involved as a volunteer click here.


The Epicentre was established in 1986 under the name, San Remo Neighbourhood Centre.

Please view our 2003 History presentation.

History from 2003


“To create spaces and places where all people are valued and given the opportunity to succeed.”



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