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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to live in San Remo to access The Epicentre’s programs?
A: No The Epicentre’s programs benefit a number of community’s on the NSW, Central Coast and the scope of operations varies with each project. If you’re interested in getting involved or are in need of assistance do not hesitate to contact us on 4390 7888.


Q: What services does The Epicentre offer?
A: See our What We Do page for comprehensive information about the services The Epicentre runs.


Q: Was the Epicentre previously called ‘San Remo Neighbourhood Centre’
A: Yes! Formerly our organisation was known as the ‘San Remo Neighbourhood Centre’. We changed our name because we are much more than a Neighbourhood Centre, we operate (and are involved in) programs in a number of different communities on the NSW, Central Coast and with this growth we decided we needed a new name. The Neighbourhood Centre in San Remo still goes by the same name and we operate them.


Q: Where is The Epicentre?
A: The Epicentre operates out a number of different locations. Our primary business location is 28 Brava Avenue Nth, San Remo. See our Contact page for a map that shows our location. If you want to know where a certain program or event is taking place please do not hesitate to contact us on 4390 7888.


Q: When can I contact The Epicentre?
A: San Remo Neighbourhood Centre is open on weekdays from 9am until 3pm and can be contacted on 4390 7888. Various programs operate outside our business hours to find out times please give us a call or check our newsletter. For the contact details of all other services that The Epicentre operates, please see our What We Do page.


Q: Does The Epicentre offer venue booking?
A: Yes! Bookings for rooms at San Remo Neighbourhood Centre and for our community bus are available to the general public and community groups. These bookings can be made for community and private events. For more information please see our Bookings section or call us on 4390 7888.


Q: How can I get involved at The Epicentre?
A: We are always looking for volunteers to get involved with our organisation. Register your details here!


Q: Can I access your Emergency Relief program?
A: Eligibility for Emergency Relief depends on where you live and when you last accessed the service. For more details about the program click here.