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Website – Terms of Service

This post outlines the Terms of Service for The Epicentre’s website. Please read this post before you comment or engage with other members of our online community.


  1. The purpose of this website is to link community members with services and increase community participation within the online context. Content that doesn’t advance this purpose may be removed.
  2. Comments that are rude, vulgar, abusive, racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise offensive will not be tolerated. This content may be removed from the website and the person responsible may be blocked permanently from engaging with our webpage. Serious offenses will be referred to the relevant authorities.
  3. The Epicentre will not take responsibility for any harm that occurs as a result of an individual’s comments should they cause any offence.
  4. Comments that are unrelated to the post or general discussion may be removed by the administrators of the website, without the knowledge or permission of the contributor.
  5. The promotion of services, businesses or programs (which constitute spam) on our website will be deleted immediately, unless it furthers the general discussion or is beneficial for the community. If you would like to link your programs with our services please contact us on 4390 7888.
  6. Images featured on this website or posted by the administrators were taken and posted with the consent of the individual(s) featured or the parents of the individual (where applicable). If you feature in one of these photos and wish for this picture to be removed please call us on 4390 7888.
  7. Posting images, even within comments, of individuals without their consent (particularly children) is a violation of privacy and will not be tolerated. Please do not post images unless you have the written permission of the individuals that the image features and only if the photo(s) contribute to the general discussion.
  8. The Epicentre will not take any responsibility for any copyright infringement that occurs if it is the result of a community member commenting or posting on the website.
  9. Our organisation respects the privacy of all members of the community, publicly attacking individuals or posting an individuals personal information without their consent will be removed. If you are leaving your details for us to contact you, please enter them into the contact form.

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